Replace or Repair?


3 Easy Steps To Evaluate Your Appliances

::::::Downloads:TPMCO Social Media Image Downloads:Washing Machine Overflow.jpgAs a homeowner, making the decision to replace or repair a broken appliance can feel like an exercise in frustration. Although there is no easy answer, there are definitely some guidelines to consider that can smooth the decision-making process.

1)  Identify and Resolve

Do your best to correctly identify and solve the problem. Is the appliance plugged in? Is the problem listed in the manual? Most appliance manuals have a section addressing common problems and easy troubleshooting techniques. (Hint: if you can’t find the manual, try searching for the manufacturer, make and model and the word “manual” online — many manufacturers provide electronic versions. has a list linking to the manual sections of most major manufacturers.)

2) Covered or Not Covered?

Determine if the appliance is under warranty and if the problem appears to be covered by the warranty. If so, that’s a good reason to repair. If it’s not under warranty, consider how old it is. If it’s nearing the end of its average lifespan (see this simple chart at, that could be a good reason to replace.

::::::Downloads:TPMCO Social Media Image Downloads:Appliance Junkyard.jpg

3) Cost Benefit

Is the repair worth it? A good rule of thumb is if the repair will cost more than 50 percent of a replacement, go ahead and replace it if you can. If the repair is not quite that much, but still seems expensive, consider the energy usage — would a replacement be more energy-efficient? In the long run, the replacement could not only save you money, it could also contribute to saving the planet.

For more, check out this very useful “Repair or Replace?” guide from’s “Streetwise,” a consumer education program.


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