When Your House Comes Out of Hibernation


Spring Maintenance Suggestions for your Home

Man inspecting gutter.jpgWith spring well underway, it is the perfect time to take care of preventive and reparative maintenance on your home. Inside and outside, checking out these parts of your home now could save you major repair or replacement outlays later.

Gutters — clean out any leaves, branches or mud build-up that could be clogging them.

  • Foundation— the winter can cause (or hide) cracks, erosion and other issues. The sooner you spot these potential problems, the simpler they are to fix.
  • hands tightening sink pipe.jpgHVAC system— check your filters (if you’re a regular A/C user in the summer months, put a monthly reminder on your calendar to change the filters), check the vents and hoses and if you suspect any issues, call a technician.
  • Windows and doors— inspect the sealing and paint, looking for leaks, cracks, or chips. Ensuring your windows and doors are well-sealed and dry will prevent unwanted mold growth, not to mention contribute toward energy efficiency.
  • Plumbing— hear any drips? Check every faucet, appliance and toilet for leaks or running water.
  • Roof— especially for those living in harsh winter conditions, checking the roof when spring begins is a must. Look for loose shingles, peeling, cracked or curling areas.

For more ideas, tips and spring maintenance ideas, check out these sources:

And for a thorough list of tips on preparing your home inside and out for spring — from dusting your lightbulbs to moving your gardening supplies to the front of your garage and your winter equipment to the rear — see Martha Stewart’s Complete Spring Home Maintenance Checklist.


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