How Safe Is Your Garden?

Tips To Ensure Your Garden is Pet and Child Safe

As is often the case, the prettiest things are also the deadliest. If you have pets or children, it’s well worth the time to ensure that your garden or yard isn’t blossoming with any of these harmful plants:

Foxglove (also known as digitalis or Dead Man’s Bells) — as that last name implies, this flower can prove lethal if ingested. Hollyhocks are a similar, and non-toxic, alternative to foxglove.

Oleander— a frequent player in murder mysteries, this pretty flower can cause severe intestinal problems or death if ingested or breathed (so don’t throw it in the fire pit), and blistering on your skin if you touch the sap. Camellias are a fragrant evergreen shrub that you can plant instead of oleander.

Chrysanthemums— this flower may be common, but growing outside your home it can be harmful if ingested, and even fatal if enough is eaten. The Cornflower (or Bachelor’s Button) is a pretty choice to replace your Chrysanthemums safely.

For more information on identifying and replacing dangerous greenery in your garden, try these resources:


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