How to Grow and Maintain A Beautiful Lawn

Common Problems and Simple Solutions for a Gorgeous Green Lawn

Nothing looks as welcoming and lush in the summer as a green lawn glowing around your home. For many homeowners, achieving this verdant dream can feel like a ceaseless and thankless task. A few basic guidelines along with some tips and pointers to identify and resolve real problems can turn the burden into an achievement.

The number one problem lawn-care experts list when called upon to diagnose an ailing lawn is poor watering. According to the Home Renovation Guide, insufficient water or too much water are equally bad for your lawn. If your lawn appears bluish or grayish and walking across it leaves noticeable footprints, it’s a good bet your lawn is thirsty. Generally, lawns require about an inch of water per week (when you turn on your sprinkler, place a can or jar where it can catch the water – when an inch of water has accumulated, your lawn is sufficiently watered).

If your lawn looks yellow, it could signal that you are over-watering and your lawn is nutrient-deprived. Location, soil composition and poor drainage can all contribute to over-watering. Moisture-absorbing compost is one way to address an over-watered lawn.

According to the EPA, lawn care and landscaping account for more than 30 percent of water use in the U.S. Clean Air Gardeningoffers several tips for efficient watering, such as watering early in the morning when the lawn will have a chance to absorb the water rather than the heat of day evaporating it. Aerating your grass with special tools is another way to ensure efficient water use.

Beyond watering, however, other problems such as weeds, can afflict your lawn. According to an article on, many problems have simple solutions. Dandelions, a sign that your lawn’s roots are suffering, can be killed with spray of straight white vinegar. And a soil test will reveal what’s out of balance so you can adjust your lawn’s nutrients. Gluten spread on your lawn early in the spring will help prevent not only dandelions, but also crabgrass.

For more lawn care tips, visit American-Lawns.comand


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